The Rock Particle

by Grumble

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We recorded The Rock Particle album at Ware House Productions with Tom Ware in Omaha NE over the course of three days in early April 2015. 7 songs went from concept to finished product (mixed and out the door) in about 30 hours. The majority of tracks were live takes with very minimal "studio magic" involved. This is the sound of the band, playing at our best, in a great sounding room with a talented engineer. Anyone who has recorded music before should have an understanding of the intensity involved. We were focused and prepared. We went in to the session wanting to get to the essence of this music we play, to strip it down to Truth and graces, to dig into the fundamentals. To find The Rock Particle.


released April 11, 2015

Mike Wolfe - Drums/Vocals
Anthony Purdy - Guitar/Vocals
Abram Larson - Bass Guitar
Foster Weyand - Guitar/Vocals
Becky Lowe-Weyand - Additional vocals on The Blister Gas Party

Supersymmetry Histogram image © Cern. Used with permission.



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Grumble Omaha, Nebraska

Grumble is a four-piece rock band from Omaha, NE.

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Track Name: Pale Green Eyes
The time is right.
It's time to shine.
It's time to do or die.
You wanted change,
and you got change,
and it won't help to cry.
Love is Love.
It's burning hot.
You know they will destroy you.
You want that look,
you take your chances,
and now you are living!
Since we wasted a lifetime,
say what's on your mind tonight.
See how we respect our selves,
but your skin so soft surprise.
And now there's just drama.
And your pale green eyes.
Love. Love. Love. Love.
Last, last, last chance.
I'll keep my faith.
You take what's left.
This is the right.
This is the hope that we hoped we would find.
I meant to respect my self,
I burned the edges of my mind.
Taking the poison,
but your pale green eyes.
Since we wasted a lifetime,
say what's on your mind tonight.
We got here despite our selves,
and the skin so soft surpise.
God how I miss you.
And your pale green eyes.
Track Name: Rail the Fine
We stood and watched the Angel fall.
In three days it strikes and this is done.
And all of this is done.
Please don't be afraid, this is who you are.
We are equal now. This is how it ends.
We can stop our games. Our reward is flames.
It is a fist of chance burning the sky.
Great loves, your life, your enemies are done.
And all of this is done.
We can take this down, we can prove it now,
this is who we are. I won't let this slide.
I will take a stand and I will pull it down.
Rail. Rail the fine.
I could stand here shaking with my love.
I can feel it, this will prove me right.
I know I'm right.
Track Name: Before the Fail
These were your eyes, they were so alive. Before the fail, I thought they would bring us through. And now we stand in a perilous place. I’m glad you came. I hope you stay. I love you too. Yes I do. But I’m hearing words, only words. Open your arms. Release the charms, and feel like I do. It’s not like me to be afraid to go. We’re out of phase and I can’t see you. I watched your eyes. I was paralyzed, but I’m still alive. Open your arms. Release the charms, and feel alive. I’ll tear this one down for you, but I will never change your mind.
Track Name: The Blistergas Party
Can I get a witness?
Can we have an Angel call me?
If they are spinning in the architecture,
then let's get one out here,
so we all can see and believe.
100 years of solitude and counting.
If you say you are not afraid out loud, you are lying.
If you look around this world and say we are doing fine.
It shows you don't know anything at all.
All the while the war is.
Gas rolls through canyons
of rubble and dust.
And in love.
Don't breathe.
You'll die.
Track Name: Electric Cafe
My love my sweetheart to the last.
I know the way before you.
Please love, deliver me.
I cannot dishonor you.
Steal away now.
Do this for me.
My love be careful.
Don't look back.
We have brought glass houses down.
Their lives are shattering sigh.
Yet they deny deny deny.
Seal your fate now.
Do this for me.
I'll be waiting for you.
Sweet love of mine.
There's not much time.
But we will find,
that freedom is ours for the taking.
Steal away now.
Do this for me.
I'll be waiting,
at the Electric Cafe.
Track Name: Your True Name
I came to break this.
Strip it down to Truth and Graces.
There is no need for reason.
It has never shown the true way out.
And I see my way clearly.
And it is loud.
Drowning all this out.
I celebrate this.
New life is newly wasted.
Not a trace of self doubt.
Stand up, you know you have been found.
The Angels are calling.
And it's loud.
Calling out your true name.
They call this senseless.
I call it my best defense.
It brings the answers.
I stand and judge and call you out.
And I am not sorry.
And it's loud.
Calling out your true name.
Does this count as vision?
I know I'm right, so what is missing?
I ask the questions!
I go for depth.
So bring me down.
I'm used to falling down.
God is calling my true name.
Track Name: What the River Says
(Can't write the lyrics to this first part, because I stole them. Badly.)

Too bad.
It's been a long time coming.
No one has ever done that for me.
And I want to know what the river is saying.
You better study.

So you said I broke your heart.
Show me where it came apart.
And we talked about finding the soul.
More than we could ever know.
Spending days in love with the sound.
Driving it into the ground.
Now our lives are drifting away.
We should be running for it.
You lie!
It is a waste of your life.
You'll never feel it harder than me.
And I want to know what the river is saying.
Oh. Better study.